Welcome everyone to my musical comings and goings and join me on this  exciting journey!

I hope to share with you my passion for music education: everything from music and your child, to learning as an adult, to my thoughts and ideas on music education and the value in it for all of us. When is the best time to begin music lessons for young students? What kind of programmes should I be looking for? How do I know if my child is ready? As an adult, what should I be looking for? Is it too late for me? (Never!!!) Why is music important? Do we need to justify it by claiming other benefits or can we just enjoy music for it’s own sake and the comfort and joy it brings us as humans?

The other side of my musical life is my joy in performing. Flute is my main instrument but I also count piano, recorder and now a little bit of celtic harp in my repertoire.  I play in various small and large ensembles, so will keep you posted on our events as they arise.

I love my adventures as a musician and  hope to make this site an excellent resource on growing with music at any age!

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