Music and arts educators.

In Canada, today, a federal election has been called.  One of the party leaders spent some time as a drama teacher, before entering politics. This fact has been used by one of the other parties as a point of ridicule, as if something as insignificant as teaching drama should discount his elegibility to run for office.  Many of this party’s supporters have taken up this tactic, chuckling over the “drama teacher.”

This contemptuous mockery finally hit the boing point; the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” so to speak.  The frustration had been percolating for some time and finally, that one-person-too-many made the smarmy comment about the “drama teacher”.  A response had to be shared.  The facebook reply went like this:

The comment diriding Trudeau’s stint teaching drama is a deeply offensive and uncessary vilification of the arts. As a devoted music educator and life long advocate for arts education I find this kind of comment an attack on a very important part of a young person’s school life. It does not make someone an object of ridicule if they make this career choice. Rather, it shows leadership, compassion and understanding. And no, I’m not voting for him, but it’s not because he taught drama.

Arts educators are constantly trying to justify their position to administrators and the public at large. Our programmes are being cut and children are missing out on exploring a crucial part of their lives because of this kind of ignorance.  Hopefully, someone might read the above response and think twice about making fun of someone because they chose to be a teacher of the arts.


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